When registering Job, from job journal batch, it is not possible to select a row of a task if it has been assigned to a different resource than the one you would like to use, but it's a problem, especially for companies that pre-assign a task to a group of generic resources.
Using a different resource, it's not possibile to link the job planning line (due to looukup code), and after post the line was add in the job planning line, but this then distorts the estimates of cost, margins and residual activities.
so we need to find a workaround.

In the Res.Journal Line (210) table, there is no event subscription for the On Lookup event of field 1019 (job planning line).
In this way it is not possible to modify the behavior of this lookup.
Could you please subscribe to an event before the page opens? in this way you could change the filters applied by the procedure.

thank you


JobPlanningLine.SetRange ("Job No.", "Job No.");
JobPlanningLine.SetRange ("Job Task No.", "Job Task No.");
JobPlanningLine.SetRange (Type, Type);
JobPlanningLine.SetRange ("No.", "No.");
JobPlanningLine.SetRange ("Usage Link", true);
JobPlanningLine.SetRange ("System-Created Entry", false);
if Type = Type :: Resource then begin
Filter: = Resource.GetUnitOfMeasureFilter ("No.", "Unit of Measure Code");
JobPlanningLine.SetFilter ("Unit of Measure Code", Filter);

------------------ ONBEFORERunModalPAGE ------------------------------- -----

if PAGE.RunModal (0, JobPlanningLine) = ACTION :: LookupOK then
Validate ("Job Planning Line No.", JobPlanningLine. "Line No.");
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