Number sequences: User is unable to add segments after opening the number sequence detail form in view mode
Microsoft internal reference : 180243

1.) Go to the Number sequences form (In Talent: System administration > Number sequences > Number sequences. 2.) Navigate to the detail a number sequence by using the Number sequence code jumpRef. 3.) Click the Edit button. 4.) Click the Add button the number sequence segment grid. 5.) Set the new segment to be a constant. Expected: User can set the segment type. Actual: User is unable to set the segment type. Second case: a. Go to Organization Administration | number sequences | number sequences b. Filter for sequence acco_176 c. Go into the sequence and click edit d. Attempt to modify the existing line, there is no dropdown in segment e. Try to create a new line, either the segment box will not have a drop-down menu or will default to be alphanumeric Expected results: The segment box should have a drop-down menu Actual results: The segment box has a variety of issues and does not allow modifications or additions



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Category: Organization administration