- There is an increasing need to have tax reports where the values are also shown by Sales tax code currency. If it is necessary to do tax reconciliation using the sales tax code currency, which is a frequent task, there isn't any report to help in this task.
- Tax reports only show values per accounting currency, with exception of Sales tax payment by code report. However, the information presented in this report is not sufficient for tax reconciliation.
- Examples where it would be valued to have the option to see the values per Sales tax code currency:
o Sales tax specification by ledger transaction
o VAT transactions – details
o Sales tax general journal reconciliation
o Sales tax/Ledger reconciliation
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Under Review
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback.

We will consider including it in our roadmap.

Ekaterina Podkolzina
PM, Microsoft


It must be possible to run sales tax reports in sales tax currency as long as there is an option in D365 to set the sales tax currency to another currency than accounting or reporting currency. This functionality is required by a lot of our customers.

Please consider this in future releases.

Category: Tax

We have the same requirement for a customer with accounting currency EUR but sales tax codes are in CHF.
The new feature "Generate the Sales tax payment by code report in the sales tax code currency" is great.
But we also need this feature for the report "Sales tax transactions - details".

Category: Tax