EU has in their Non-Financial Reporting Dirictive (NFRD) proposed that all large companies in EU has to report on their sustainability i.e. CO2 emmission.

As a manufacturer Calculating CO2 emmision pr. unit is rather difficult - Dynamics 365 Business Central could make this very easy.

If Business Central had:

  • A cell on the "item card" equal to e.g. EUR/KG but with CO2/kg or piece
  • An extra collum in the Parts list
  • And that the CO2 for a produced item is shown then on the calculation - per unit
  • It migth be that there has to be a possibility to enter an average corporate/department CO2 for all non material emmision

Then each sub-supplier or B-to-C manufacturer would be able to calculate the CO2 emmision per unit as eassily as calculating a price per unit - which in term would help the companies who has to follow the NFRD.

Guess it would take a BC programmer less than an hour to do this and that it would have a huge impact on our way forward in reducing our CO2 emmission.

I would also make it possible to e.g. foodstuf manufacturer to write on consumer packaging the CO2/100g and give consumer at more informed choice.

Hope you will take up the challenge for BC to be first mover on an extremly important topic.

I should be interested to understand your take on the above idea.

Kind Regards

Peder Skjoldbro




2024 Release Wave 1
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your valuable feedback. We have decided to deliver this idea and make it available with Business Central 2024 release wave 1, but it will not be created as required.

In the first release Microsoft will create basic framework for tracking, posting and reporting emissions based on scopes 1, 2, and 3. Microsoft will continue to expand this feature, but it will be ready for extending with ISV's solutions.

Your help was greatly appreciated,
Aleksandar Totovic
PM, Microsoft



I was checking for this option. Great proposal and looking forward to use it. Thank you Peder Skjoldbro for the innitiative. In the coming months and years this will be absolutely need it as part of our business operations.

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Hi Aleksandar Totovic,Did't see your reply, but thank you for asking and for looking into the subject.Any chance you could send on my email, the questions were you need elaboration?Regards,Peder Skjoldbro

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Great idea and will be much needed in the future.

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This functionality is also something that our company is looking for. In order to comply with the new ESG regulation we must be able to handle/store these kind of data.

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