On the release notes for commerce for 2018 it mentions the existance of a button to print the gift card receipt. this button does not exists and with the settings the way to print it is by hitting the top X on the popup window in MPOS and CPOS that is dangerously close to the X-closing button for the application.

The issue is the documentation that can be found online that indicates that the button exists.

there are also two issues.

1 –to get the print receipt to print with the settings, we need to click on the top X of the Gift Card Balance Window, which is too Close to the X that would close the POS.

2 - the Close button underneath does not trigger the print option as does the X on top.

3 – the documentation since 2018 is promoting the button to exists as it shows on the attached screen image. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/business-applications-release-notes/October18/dynamics365-retail/pos-journal-improvements#gift-card-balance-inquiry-receipt