We found that if we have 1 Bundle that consists of 3 Products.

*Bundle Package A
- Item A.1 qty: 1
- Item A.2 qty: 2
- Item A.3 qty: 5

Then if we put Bundle Package A as offering to customer through Opportunity, Quote, or any entity with Product Lines, it will automatically display and insert the required bundle individual products as well. But, the problem is, at the very first, the quantity is 1 at the creation time, and the Quantity of each individual product is also correct at that time (1, 2, and 5)
then users want to sell 3 Bundle at a time.. This quantity doesn't reflect the each individual products that should have Quantity as many as 3 Bundle should have, that should be multiplied by 3 (3, 6, and 15) accordingly, so currently they are not synced.

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I have tried to develop custom code as workaround, but it prevents me to update the individual required bundle products (attached)
I hope this issue can be solved soon since many users were expecting this Bundle feature in CRM 2015 so long and expecting no issue like this as well.

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It would be very useful if we could add/delete items and also change quantities.
My customers wants to sell a type of bundle, but they need to create a new one each time and that's not practical and could not be analyzed.

Resume: on bundle product add or remove lines and change quantities

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