When 2 or more users try to post batches from CBM Batch Entry screen (Transactions>Financial>Bank Management>Batches) at the same time, at least 1 of the batches will fail with the error
"Data entry errors exist in batch #BatchNumber# Use Batch Recovery window to process this batch."

After recovering the batch you can successfully post it.

It appears that the error involves GP trying to drop the TEMP table(represented by the ##) created during the process to move on to the next process during posting. It appears that the other batch had already done that during the posting since it is using the exact same table. In essence, both batch processes are doing the same thing and that procedure takes a bit longer that the others. Since the one batch is slightly ahead in the process it drops the TEMP table while the other batch was still completing the process. When the second batch tries to move forward, the TEMP table is already dropped and the system does not move forward correctly which is causing the issue.
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