IN the previous version, AX 2012, users could do a multi-select of inventory batch records in order to change the batch disposition for the selected batches.

This was especially useful when a user was performing a Item Trace for e.g. an ingredient.

IN a typical recall scenario, if a supplier contacts a manufacturer and advises them that an ingredient lot may have some quality issues, the manufacturer will want to do a "forward trace" on the inventory batch for that ingredient. Once the trace lists the affected transactions, users will want to click on the "Batches" option on the ribbon bar to see all affected inventory batches (Intermediate items, finished goods, etc.)

Once the affected inventory batches are listed in the Inventory Batch form, users will want the option to select all batches and reset the disposition for e.g. "QC Hold" so that these cannot be consumed, picked or shipped. In the current version, users need to select the batches one by one and this can be very time-consuming in an urgent recall scenario. Whereas in AX 2012 you could multi-select the batches and reset the disposition for all of these.

Please provide the option to multi select inventory batches in the "Batches" form, as this is a simple form change that would save a lot of time.

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Thank you for your feedback. We released this feature as part of the functionality in the Spring ‘18 release of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.



Per Lykke Lynnerup

PM, Microsoft



This is very important functionality that was lost in D365.  I was involved in the initial development of the Item Tracing feature (Inventory management > Inquiries and reports > Tracking dimensions > Item tracing) and part of the user story for this feature included the ability to quickly change the disposition code on all impacted batches.  This functionality is critical in a recall scenario.  Imagine you were just informed that an ingredient/raw material is contaminated. You used that ingredient/raw material to manufacture 1000 batches of different products.  Item trace will tell you which items/batches but you have to manually select 1000 batches and manually change the disposition code 1000 times.  All of this is happening in a time critical scenario.  In 2012 R3, you would do a select all and change the disposition code on all 1000 batches in just a second..

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