Hi, I would like to be able to use Custom relationship fields on the Case Entity as a filter and drill down in CSI.

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Thanks for the suggestion! A feature to map the filters/slicers on the dashboards to custom fields is under consideration, please vote to help increase the priority! If you have more details on your specific needs for this scenario please add them to the comments.

We do support functional custom data field mapping for fields such as "priority", more details can be found here: https://docs.microsoft.com/dynamics365/ai/customer-service-insights/map-data.


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Similarily, I would like to add filters onto the KPI page or other pages so I can filter the ticket data as per customer and per machine name.

I would like to develop a reliability study using time lines of incidents, frequency of incidents and develop a stragety per customer and use that as an overall analysis of the general metric

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Hi Caj - thank you for the suggestion! Could you provide some additional details on what type of fields you'd like to use and how?

As you may know we don't support customizing the visuals today, but we do support custom data field mapping so if you have "priority" or something similar in a custom field you can use the mapping to bring that data into the standard visuals: https://docs.microsoft.com/dynamics365/ai/customer-service-insights/map-data. More details on the scenario would be helpful!



Category: Customer Service Insights (historical dashboards, semantic topics, AI suggestions)