Description of problem:
Ax2012 R3 version.
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• Category: Supply chain and manufacturing
• Problem: Master planning
• Short description: Unnecessary marking prevents production order release
• Long description: see below

Here is the combination of setup that is causing our problem:
• We are marking finished good production orders to sales orders, so that we can get customer specific information on the production order.
• We are generating a quality order to inspect the packaging of each receipt, and sometimes a quality order to inspect the material in the package.
• We are using warehouse management to pick for production orders.

This combination of configuration has the following consequences in AX:
• When the marking function is called as part of firming a planned production order, the firmed production order is marked to the sales order that generated the demand. It also marks components on the production order to open supply transactions. We don’t want the production BOM marking, but there is no way to stop it.
• The quality orders create two stock blocking transactions: one to remove the availability of the item on the quality order, and one to bring it back to inventory.
• The production BOM line is marked to stock blocking transaction, even if there is on-hand inventory that is available. This marking cannot be removed manually, or by our custom batch job. The stock blocking transactions are deleted when the quality order is passed, and the marking is removed at that time.
• If warehouse management sees that a production BOM line is marked to an inventory transaction, it requires the material on that line to come from that transaction, even if there is inventory available in the warehouse. It will not release the picking work for the production order until the marked inventory is available.
• This means that, if one of its components was being inspected when the production order was firmed, a production order can’t be released until the inspection quality order is closed.
There are cumbersome steps that can be taken to clear the problem on some production orders, but we cannot use the process on many of the production orders in our Blue Springs facility. We are using “Pegged supply” lines on the item BOMs in Blue Springs. That setting creates child production orders for components of the parent production order. The link to those orders is damaged if the status of the parent production order is reset to Created to get rid of marking on the production BOM lines.

The ideal solution here would be to allow us to mark the parent item on a production order to a sales order as part of the planned order firming process without creating marking on any of the production BOM lines. A workable solution would be to stop marking production BOM lines to stock blocking transactions.

Category: Planning
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