When receiving an Item that are serialised, it would be of great help to be able to setup up a matrix, controlling how the serial numbers must look like. This to avoid any type of typing mistakes if not using a handheld device.

E.g a Serial number could look like this 393-090RxxxxNxxx.

  • 393-090R must be typed in (exactly)
  • xxxx enter any value
  • N must be typed in (exactly)
  • xxx any value

As is, it possible to type anything in the serial number field on Purchase orders etc. in D365FO, although using a Serial number group.

Needs Votes
Ideas Administrator

Thanks for your input! If it gets voted, we will consider adding it to our long term roadmap.


Beatriz Nebot Gracia

Product Manager, Microsoft



Have similar request here as well: Tracking number groups - add custom formats - https://experience.dynamics.com/ideas/idea/?ideaid=950ae7e1-c848-ee11-a81c-000d3ae5f735

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