New variant creation for Engineering Products feature will be released in 10.0.22 PU46. Having tested this in the Preview (PEAP), I would like to propose following ideas to make this already improved functionality better.

1. Provide an option for engineering attributes to be copied from the previous variant. This will improve efficiency of variant creation, as attributes for the variants are same as the 1st variant, except the variant dimension (size/colour/style). BOM/ROUTE doesn’t need to be copied. Ideally this should be controlled by the parameter in the module so that when other users find current way of working more fit to their business process then there is the option they can choose.

2. Ability to add in bulk, all variants of the product master in ECR/ECO - If one variant is up-issued, all variants are also up-issued at the same time. Current process is time consuming and manual, requiring user to add variant one by one to ECR. There’s no ability to add directly to ECO. If this functionality is added to the core product, would make it a way slicker. However, also to have the option to add engineering products in bulk to ECR/ECO, not only the variants from one product will be much more intuitive.

3. Provide product dimension values in Engineering version Related information fact box – As the engineering version now has impacting size/colour/style in addition to version dimension.


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Ideas Administrator

Thanks for your input! If it gets voted, we will consider adding it to our long term backlog.


Beatriz Nebot Gracia

Program Manager, Microsoft