In earlier versions you could easily amend your user options status bar for additional elements to appear on your status bar. Particularly useful was the ability to add currency, the accounting currency then displayed next to the company id.

You could also use this option to convert the currency which changed all forms and reports to the selected currency, this was a neat function but in reality not used that frequently in my experience.

However the ease for a user transacting in a large volume of companies, all in different currencies to determine the accounting currency was a really useful visual aid.

The best option for a workaround without development would be to add the currency symbol to the default workspace by changing the name in legal entities table, however this is not practical as this is usually the source company name for external documents.


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Thank you for your feedback. We need additional details on how you used this in the past. What type of persona used the feature and what did they use it for? If you can please provide some scenarios in how it was used for on the fly purposes versus a reporting scenario it would help us immensely.    



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