Current steps to import project task:
1. Sign in Dynamics 365
2. Click [Advanced Settings] - [Data Management] - [Templates for Data Import] - [Project Task] - [Download]
3. Edit the template (project name, user name, WBS ID and such) and save
4. Back to [Data Management] and click [Imports]
5. Click [Import Data], select the edited template file, click [Next] - [Send] - [Finish]
6. Check the import status goes to complete
7. Open PSA app, click [Projects], select the project name, and click [Schedule] tab
8. The project task is successfully completed

[Actual Results]
Currently, importing project task is done in Dynamics 365 settings. Therefore, WBS ID has to be manually typed in and the user needs to know the available WBS ID whenever they import project task.

[Expected Results]
The whole process of importing project task can be done within PSA app and WBS ID is assigned automatically when importing project task.