Would like the capability to use @ mentions in CRM Notes and Activities field to notify team members or tag team members

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Thank you for your feedback.

Currently this is not in our roadmap; however, we are tracking it and if we get more feedback and votes, we may consider it in the future.






@rizan Sif

i was testing this with the post entity.

You can tag. But you cannot search for tags. Why do you want to tag? To search by tags!! if we cannot search or filter by tags in a structured way, there is no point to create tags in the first place.

very nice point is is that you can make 1 post mentioning several #tags e.g. product type #Leisure #Business

and when you get to the project type record Leisure or business and have the timeline activated you will see on both ends the very same post linking the e.g. same opportunity you have added the post to.

however the post is very limited: e.g. you cannot query for text fields and NOT even regarding (!) :-(, very disappointing.

unable to add it to a dashboard or unable to export to excel in an ADF results page even as sys admin (well via XRM toolbox fetchxml but that's not a viable option for end users). even better would be to query for all objects such as opportunities, leads, contacts that have a post with product type Leisure ... from both ends from the product type or from the opportunity side or from the post side...

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Certain organizations will not approve Microsoft Teams as a secure and viable solution. Currently the only alternative for members of those organizations is to @mention a huge number of users in every single post (including all replies) they make. It ultimately dissuades users from embracing Dynamics as a solution because generic e-mails remain significantly more efficient for larger teams. This is a bigger enabler than the votes indicate.

Category: Unified Routing- Assignment