A planning Item is setup as Predefined variant with released Configurations 001, 002 and 003Co-products for this planning item is also setup as Predefined variant with released Configurations 001,002 and 003.Multiple formula versions is created on the Planning Item, one for each Configuration using different Raw materials. The output for Formula version with configuration 001 is Co-products with configuration 001. The output for Formula version with configuration 002 is Co-products with configuration 002The output for Formula version with configuration 003 is Co-products with configuration 003.The Cost allocation for Co-products is manual with an assigned percentage. Use Cost  price by variant is enabled on the Released Products setup as Predefined variant. The Cost calculation is OK. Creating a new Batch order and selecting a Configuration, selects the expected Formula version and Co-products.
When running a MRP on the Planning Item the following error is provoked:"Mandatory Coverage dimension Configuration not specified""Cannot create a record in Planned order (ReqPo).

Correct approach suggested: the correct implementation is to move out the reference to the Planning item in an own table, where the reference is done on the variant level (referencing the product ID’s not the Item ID’s)




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Thank you for your feedback. Currently this is not in our roadmap; however, we are tracking it and if we get more feedback and votes, we may consider it in the future.



Roxana Christina Diaconu

PM, Microsoft



It's a very good idea. I have the problem in my project and the only way to solve / bypass it is to multiply the products master (generic) in order to create as much as sequence value that I want to manage. It's very heavy and not very accessible for users.
In general, this functional failure shows a lack of homogeneity in the functions that can not be used together.

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As mentioned in the original raised issue 117041115584125 it is rather critical to have this fixed in a futures release as Microsoft is planning to close down the kernal for overwriting in futures versions.
By design the product supports the setup regarding Costprice and BOM calculations, Manufacturing Execution, but presents an unexpected error message to the user in the MRP execution. 
As the data setup is working in other areas of the product, and it is possible to configure the system to use predefined variants on both Co-product and Planning item level, it is rather obvious that a fix must be made for this issue.
A fix that has a data prerequisite regarding using the exact same configurations on both Co-product and Planning item requires 1 line of code as already suggested to Microsoft.
In the ReqCalc class in method pmfCoCovCreatePlanned order a line:
inventDim.configId = covDim.configId;
must be implemented.
However this fix is not good enough for Microsoft, then it´s obviously much better to present the user with a "Missing AOS validation" error, but still allow to setup the data provoking this error.
From a technical point of view I understand that the data model will be fragile if this code fix is implemented as suggested (as in additional other places in D3fO). But along with additional validation between Planning items and related Co-products when assigning Configurations, I see no Excuse not to fix it.
Missing AOS validation errors should never meet the end user...
If overwrite option is taken away from the product in futures versions - have it fixed please!

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