Currently the POS only displays orders that were fully received in last +/- 7 days based on the delivery date on the document. This filters out any orders that were fully received, but do not have a delivery date in that range. The POS should display orders that were fully received based on receipt date, not delivery date.

An example would be a PO with a delivery date 8 days ago. The order was fully received today, but does not display in the "Completed section" based on the current logic. Stores are unable to update dates and have no way to see fully received orders unless the delivery date is within the filter range.
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for the feedback! This was actually a bug in our product. In the feature documentation we have clearly stated that the Complete tab of Inbound Inventory operation shows the orders that are fully received during the last 7 days. We fixed this bug in 10.0.14 release, sorry for the inconvienence this issue has caused. - Boyce Zhu, Senior Program Manager, Dynamics 365 Commerce.