Need a way to avoid sending central warehouse records to channel db so more customers can be addressed especially if they use offline mode which would double the space needed for INVENTDIM and INVENTDIM_Tracking table.

Launch AX client.

Retail > Setup > Retail scheduler > Channel integration > Channel database

In the channel database form, select HOUSTON and click Full data sync > 1040 Products

in sql management studio, open channel db and look at INVENTDIM table.

Actual result :

In customer environment, INVENTDIM  and INVENTDIM_Tracking tables take around 5GB and the whole db consequently reach the SQL Express 10 GB limit.

most records are related to their central warehouse

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Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately we no longer invest feature enhancements in Dynamics AX 2012. I'd encourage you to migrate to Dynamics 365. 



Did you try to filter InventDim in distribution schema? You can add ranges there to limit a number of sent records

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A much needed change in channel DB. I have had multiple scenarios where the customer had to drop the idea of having the offline DB as the DB size was above 10 GB just because of this table. 

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