Hi All, To migrate all the users related personal view/charts/Dashboards from one organisation to another organisation without Username and password INPUT. My Customer wants to have a separate tool which will migrate all at one shot including the users shared views.Since i am system admin and wrote SQL inline queries to retrieve the users views/Dashboards/charts using impersonation concept and migrated to another org using CRM Service. It will be good to design a separate role and tool [like User View Migration][Personal view/Dashboards/charts Migrator] which should comes with MSCRM to perform this task without the user intervention and it will be helpful while moving from on premise to online migration. The major objective of this idea to achieve the any CRM administrator to perform this activity by using the Migrator Role at one shot. Most of the customers wants when their CSR/any client personnels from sales or business side ,they want to see their personal views/dashboards/charts to be available when they login from old production environment to new production environment irrespective of all the CRM versions. Thanks, Thangamani

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We also had the same requirement from our customer, to migrate the personal views/dashboards/charts without entering user credential, views are more in count. dev team accomplished via programming.., it could be better it it comes with CRM Tool as suggested. Thanks...

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