I need to add a table in a form that is more than 4 columns and can have multiple rows, like a spreadsheet table where you can input fields into each cell.
Currently the form function is so awkward where you can have a 2 column TAB with up to 4 columns within each TAB column. You can then add multiple fields in each section but they don't align outside of the column TAB column.
You can't currently add a 1 column section across the 2 columns and have it ontop of the 2 columns, it's really bad 1994 form editing. I wish it had the same drag and drop function as SSRS for as MS calls it pixel perfect rendering.
Are you with me. Confusing isn't it. Why not just have a configurable table that you insert into a form and then assign fields where you want to.
Happy to explain more with diagrams, screen captures and a white board.
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