The customer is trying below 2 scenario. However, all of the line number of each row are populated to 0 each other, when importing the item requirement on Project from DIXF


>Data migration


It is necessary to do Data transfer from test environment to Production environment


>Regular business process


Customer need to import by using DIXF from their other system every day as regular process.

>Repro step:

  1. Goto Project management and accounting>Projects>All projects

  2. Create a new project

  3. Select “in process” in Project tab>MAINTAIN 

4. Import a sample record for “Project item requirements” regarding the project id
5. Once to complete the import process, see “Item requirements” in the project


The line number of the row is populated to 0.

The line number of the row should be populated to 1.


Under Review
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for the suggestion! This has been added to our roadmap and will be considered for a future release.


Kim Nelson

Program Manager, Project management and accounting