Safepay configurator should prompt user the logic as to how many lines are allowed.

as of now the configurator is easily corruptible and one needs to start from scratch every single times.

Issue: SafePay configurator file. The file corrupts on the 5th line of the configurator file.

Cause: Dynamics GP by design does not support more than 2 footer lines and 1 detail line.

Resolution: Dynamics GP is working by design. We recommend you create a suggestion to include a new feature in Dynamics GP by going to this link https://experience.dynamics.com/ideas/

You showed me your safe pay configurations that allows you to have 3+ footers and this seems to work for you. When you move lines up or down, some lines disappear.

We talked in detail that Dynamics GP is designed to use 2 footer lines and 1 Detail line and also when you edit the configurator file by moving lines up and/or down the configurator file will/can become corrupt, then a new configuration file needs to be created.

Because Dynamics GP is designed this way, there is nothing we can do to support adding more than 2 footer lines and more than 1 detail line.

The most powerful tool at our disposal to bring visibility to Development, and drive change within Microsoft Dynamics GP is the Product Suggestion. Development reviews each suggestion very seriously when determining what GP’s upcoming features will be. The more votes the suggestion gets, the higher the likelihood it will be included in an upcoming release. This is an ideal method to let Development know that you’d like to see a specific change made within the product.

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