If we do not allow posting blank values for financial dimensions in main account structure, in Trade process like (Sales order, Purchase order, inventory journals, ... etc.) error message is generic and not specifying the line number if the mandatory financial dimensions are left blank while posting. Kindly consider changing the error message to include either line or item number throwing the error to be easy for user to identify which line is missing the values.


Error message: "You must select a value in the BusinessUnit field in combination with the following dimensions values that are valid:

MainAccount XXX.

The combination was not validated beyond the BusinessUnit financial dimension.

Dimension values were validated with this account structure: Account-XXX

Ledger account validated using Account--FinDimensions, Record Id: XXX

Reported from company accounts XXX

Posting has been canceled."

If we have any operation that includes +1000 lines, it is very hard to recognize which record is missing the values.

Please put this in consideration in future releases to facilitate the process for user to recognize the missing line values.

Thanks in advance!

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Thank you for your feedback. Currently this is not in our roadmap; however, we are tracking it and if we get more feedback and votes, we may consider it in the future.



Søren Vagn Andersen, Principal Group Product Manager, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management



Hi @D365 Product team,

Posting Inventory Movement journal (with or without batch job) if the system detects missing/wrong financial dimensions (FD) then the Error message doesn’t provide details of Line/Item number where the FD was value missing. Business user can;t identify, correct/fix the error details which is not good by application design.

Expected output: The movement journal should provide complete line/item level details in error which would help us/customer in time to fix the issue and proceed.

I hope you guys would prioritize the issue fix and provide the resolution earliest possible.

Category: General