It would be nice to add some additional fields say Attribute1,Attribute2,...Attribute5 in most commonly used transactional tables/entities, which an end user can personlize (display,label change) to capture additional information, giving him some liberty from customization.

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This was delivered with user defined fields.



I see how it would help, but let me add another point of view.
It's actually a bit tricky. What should be the type of these fields? If string, how long? Will they be used for searching? If so, maybe you need the ability to add indexes. Won't you need to specify the label in several languages? And so on.
There still would have to be a company-wide process to plan how to use these fields to avoid conflicts (unless you meant that each user would somehow had his own set of five extra fields, which doesn't look feasible), so the development isn't actually the most complicated and time-consuming part. And getting the most appropriate type, a proper label etc. may be more important than saving a half an hour of development work.

Category: Common