When opening lines in Excel for journal postings we download an excel template, which contains: date, company, main account, description, currency, credit, debit ect. We book transactions on other dimension values as well, and currently these have to be added in dynamics after clicking "publish" or you have to add theses dimensions in the Excel sheet by using the "design" feature (this has to be done every time for every template downloaded). Is there a way to change the default template to include the dimensions we require, by designing our own template with the necessary dimensions? This would save our accounting department a lot of time. Also, each account might have a different required account structure(different dimensions), an idea is to have the required dimensions in one color indicating that they need to be completed before uploading.
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Please follow the steps in this blog:

https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/dynamics365/no-audience/2016/12/14/excel-add-in-adding-dimensions-to-a-template/?source=axsupportThis can already be completed.  



You can customize the Excel Add-in templates. See link - https://us.hitachi-solutions.com/knowledge-center/customizing-open-excel-templates-dynamics-365/

Category: General Ledger