I did not find a category for Upgrade so I selected Data Migrations.

I think that in order to speed up the process of an upgrade from NAV to BC it is missing a tool to transfer data from the custom fields in NAV to the same fields in a BC extension.

The benefit is to reduce the estimation and be more attractive for customers to upgrade from NAV to BC.

In a project for example in NAV 2018 have been added new custom fields in a standard table (e.g. table 18 Customer). In order to upgrade to BC, it is needed to create the custom fields in a table extension. Currently, there is not a tool to transfer data from the NAV custom field to the BC field in the extension.

I know that there are multiple ways to achieve this: Rapid Start, web services, SQL scripts, etc...

Every one of the ways listed above requires creating ad hoc processes for a particular customer and they are time-consuming.

I hope this idea will be discussed and considered.