The users of our system do not like when grids change to a card-view due to Reflow kicking in when there isn't enough screen real-estate to use. They'd rather still see the grid and have to scroll to the right if necessary to see more data. This isn't a problem when the sub-grid is on the form as we can customize the control to use the read-only grid and turn off Reflow, but that is not an option for sub-grids that are in Quick View forms. I'd like the this option enabled so we can have a consistent UI experience for the users. It seems like it should be possible as you can change the control on the view itself, but the Quick View form seems to ignore that setting and just use the OOB control setting for sub-grids. This is by design according to the result of a ticket I submitted with Microsoft, and I'd like that design to be reviewed.
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