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It would be great if as an admin I could login as another user in order to troubleshoot issues that arise. Instead of having to waste a license for my test user so I can change the test users security roles to mimmick that of the individual having issues.

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Thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion! We are considering this for our future release.



Srikumar Nair

PM, Microsoft

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  • Very important feature for large customers, the larger the customer the more important it is to efficiently design, deploy and support end user capabilities. Large Customers with familiarity to Salesforce, are used to this feature and desire it as a more efficient process for supporting distributed users.
  • All our Salesforce Migration Prospects are asking this has part of evaluation criteria to log in as another user for Troubleshooting. They consider this as a basic feature. Hard to find Microsoft Dynamics has no timelines for this requirement
  • Absurd that this feature does not yet exist for D365. It makes testing extremely difficult, is a huge inconvenience for our clients, just generally causes a huge headache. 7 YEARS as a suggestion. Your competitor, Salesforce, has had this feature since 2012. C'mon, Microsoft!
  • I would prefer not to log in AS the user, but instead log in under a specific user's security profile.
  • I just found this post that is similar

  • Log In as Another User

    To assist other users.

    Administrators can Log In to Dynamics 365 as Another User

    When a user asks for help from the system administrator because something with their user is malfunctioning.

    The Administrator can select from a list of users and without asking at the user for the password
    The administrator can log in the Dyanmics 365 with this user and emulate what that user is seeing,

    It is very useful to solve functionality problems to the users of an organization
  • Bumping for relevance - this would be a blessing to support engineer and consultants to offer true support.
  • Is this actually happening or not? This was suggested about 7 years ago, and clearly nobody has made any attempt in making this happen. For a program as complex as Dynamics 365, this is a required feature. I use this Feature all the time on Box.com and the amount of time it saves in issues is staggering. The amount of trouble chasing down users login info, or trying to deal with a test account (Which doesn't always produce the same issues as a user might experience) makes it very difficult to manage CRM. Also basic features like helping people out with views, graphs, dashboards is darn near impossible without actually again getting there logins or physically being there to work it out together.
  • The promote to Admin feature involves that you have the user admin screen available in the menu for normal users. We decided not to bother users with menu options they don't use. I would prefer an option to be able to log in with certain security roles.

  • Looks like this is finally resolved in CRM Online 2016 Update 1. 

    As an administrator you can go into manage roles and turn off your System Administrator privilages (you will get the cautionary message) and masquerade as a say a 'salesperson'

    When you go back to Users, highlight your user and say promote to Admin.  

    This is a pretty scary way of doing things though especially if you are the only system admin.  You might want another user to have your back just in case this process doesn't work.

    This doesn't appear to be in the latest on-premise release yet.

    Try it out in a CRM trial instance.