We are using Dynamics CRM 2011. In some cases, clicking Queue Item Details displays the message "This record is in multiple queues. Go to the specific queue to view the details".

I'm required to clean up the existing duplicates queue items using Advanced Find manually. The issue appears to be specifically related to reactivation of resolved case, in which resolving the case updates the original queue item status to Inactive, then re-activating the same case creates the new queue item with status as Active and keeping the old queue item with status in active.

There are workflows associated with a case, which creates queue item on create/update of case.

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Thank you for your feedback.

We fixed this behavior as part of the Oct/2018 release. Upon re-activating a case and further upon clicking 'Queue Item Details' , you'll be able to see the active queue item.  






Thanks for the feedback this product suggestion looks like it is a bug not a suggestion. We have made note of the issue, this item will be closed out as postponed and this is a bug not a feature.

Please use the following link https://community.dynamics.com/crm/p/support.aspx to enter a support case if you would like to make sure to have the issue tracked more closely.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Thanks Larry,

I already had a support incident for the issue were I was informed that this is by design and not a bug. Also, I was suggested to add a suggestion on connect.
Response from Support and Connect team contradicts. I will reactivate the same support incident and add you suggestion there.
Support Request ID : 114011011079158

Category: Unified Routing- Assignment