When creating a payment proposal for direct debit and set up a default description in General Ledger > Journal setup > default descriptions, the description is filled in correctly in the PaymentsNotes field in LedgerJournalTrans. The PaymentNotes field allows 1000 characters. However, it is cut off at 60 characters because the EDT TransTxt is used in between.

At the time of creating payment proposal, the length of the description cut to 60 characters but the actual description is more that 60 character that appears in Cust table.
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This is not an idea for a new feature, but a clear bug.

There are 2 simple solutions possible for this issue:
1. Update the TransTxt to more characters
=> this would be by far the easiest solution, but it is used in many places. It wouldn’t cause any errors, but might lead to more DB storage (to store the larger fields) so I’m not sure this is an option at all.
2. If the above is not an option, it is already enough to change the EDTs used in following methods:
a. TransactionTxt.txt()
b. CustVendPaymNote.buildPaymNote()

Category: Cash and bank management