It would be nice to have a tool very similar to "Navigate", where users can type in a Document No., and BC can scan through different types of documents, and their document No. fields, and let a user easily find a Document Reference.

For example, on the sales area, users are always researching Sales Order Nos., however, due to the nature of BC (open Sales Orders are in one table, and Posted Sales Invoices are in another table), some customers usually complain that they have to keep on researching documents in at least 2 areas of the system.

The idea behind this "Advanced Navigate" or "Document Research", is that you can simply enter a Document No., and BC will take the time to research this document No. on :

- Sales Orders, Document Nos.
- Sales Orders, External Document Nos.
- Sales Orders, Your Reference Nos.
- Posted Sales Shipments, Nos.
- Posted Sales Shipments, Order Nos.
- Posted Sales Shipments, External Document Nos.
- Posted Sales Invoices, Nos.
- Posted Sales Invoices, Order Nos.
- Posted Sales Invoices, External Document Nos.
- Credit Memos, Invoices, Blanket Sales Orders, Return Orders...
- Posted Credit Memos, Posted Return Orders...
- Sales Archives...
- Purchase Orders...
- Service Orders...
- …

This way, by entering a Sales Order No., BC will pretty much bring all the chain of documents related to that Sales Order No. -- Sales Order, Posted Shipments, Posted Invoices, Credit Memos, Archived Versions, etc.

BC should only be researching on fields that are meant to carry Document Nos. -- This should NOT be a research tool for every text field, no.

Users should be able to "Show Document" right from this research area.

If possible, it should be configurable on which tables (and maybe even fields) where to look on. -- Does not need to be dynamic where configuration will allow for ANY TABLES and ANY FIELDS -- It should have a subset of tables and fields that users can choose from.

This will help giving CSR users and even other types of Document Processor Users to easily research documents without having to navigate to different history parts of the system.
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Needs Votes
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Thank you for your feedback. Currently this is not in our roadmap; however, we are tracking it and if we get more feedback and votes, we may consider it in the future. 



Tomás Navarro 

PM, Microsoft 



Good idea! This would be very useful to clients.

Category: Sales


This is a great idea and would really help users that are new to BC handle customer service and order status.

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