It would be nice to have a visual cue next to the checkmark in the Edit Payment Batch to indicate which vendors are setup as EFT vendors. This would facilitate the process of issuing check payments for those vendors if needed. Vice versa, if a batch has been built as an EFT payment batch, it would be easy to spot check which vendors require editing (i.e., adding or removing payments) by just looking at the visual cue.

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Thank you for your feedback.

We released this feature as part of the functionality in the October 2019 release of Microsoft Dynamics GP.



Theresa Nistler,




I use the Payment Priority field for this. That can be added as a column. A visual cue would be cool. But just wanted to share my way of handling this. Also, you can filter by Payment Priority for the Select Checks (Payments) window or the AP Aging Reports

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