Ability to add detailed notes and instructions to rapidstart configuration packages
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Thank you for your feedback. We need some more details to understand your suggestion better. Can you please help us by answering the following questions?

  • What's the business scenario in which those notes and instructions would be needed/used?
  • Who's the reader of the notes? a user of an already running Business Central customer? an implementation consultant?
  • Are those notes short, long, detailed.... what are the formatting requirements?

Tomás Navarro
PM, Microsoft



There are many business scenarios for this.
Consultants handing over work to customers or other employees to pick up where the previous consultant left off.
Issue encounters importing or appling data
nofiyable changes made
Design and explanation notes - column & processing order, mandatory tables and fields
Sharing config packs with customers and other consultants
It would be good to have a rapid start config library where these could be share along with data definitions as many of these could be reused. Having some notes on what they do , when , how and why would be fantastic
A fair amount of time can be spent setting config packs up seems only fair to give them some notes features

Category: Data Migrations