We have two scenarios that justify the need to be able to send emails to the same email address in the same journey. A- A contact is linked to multiple organizations and the segments and email content is based on the organization they are associated with and their role. Thus the desire would be that within the same journey we can email the same contact but with different contact. B- We have different contacts with the same email address (Imagine small organizations where Contact1 is Treasurer of Org1, Contact2 is CFO of Org2, Contact3 is Treasurer of Org3, etc). In this scenario Contact1, Contact2, Contact3 email addresses are all the same. We'd like to be able to send an email to all treasurers of the organizations which will be customized to their organization, unfortunately this is not allowed. Unfortunately Marketing App does NOT support those 2 use cases even though Dynamics DOES allow contacts to have the same email address. (Yes it's understood it's not a best practice)

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