I see a big requirement for some more Quality Management reports. We've deployed the Lithuanian report "Inventory Scrap Statement" once which at least displays a list of scrapped inventory within a period, but it's still fairly limited and doesn't apply unless using Quarantine Mgmt.
It would be awesome to have a couple OOTB quality reports that aren't just about non conformance. Possible things to include in the report(s): 

all quality orders and their statuses 
an option to filter on passed or failed status
item number tied to the quality order
date it was created and date it was closed
user who closed the order
filter by specific item(s) to see how many passed/failed

I also have a couple ideas for Quarantine Mgmt:

A similar OOTB report for quarantine orders that show closed and open orders, statuses, and dates, etc
Adding a field for reason codes that are specific to quality/quarantine. For example, different reasons an item can be scrapped (broken, too brittle, wrong size, operator error). Then when scrapping an item through quaranatine, a reason code has to be selected.
Adding onto the last point: creating a report to view all scrapped items and the most common reasons they were scrapped (e.g. 25% of the scrap from item 1000 came from waterjet cut error) 
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Thank you for your feedback. Currently this is not in our roadmap; however, we are tracking it and if we get more feedback and votes, we may consider it in the future.



Per Lykke Lynnerup

PM, Microsoft



Maybe it would be better to provide an OOTB embedded PowerBI experience for quality results, statistics etc.
In any event I vote for your idea as reports are always welcome in the quality arena.

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