When a invoice is generated on Work Order, work order product and service is crated as write-in product in Invoice Product. which is creating overload to system every time we generate invoice . Even though we have product available published, still it is getting created as Write In product. Repro Steps: 1. Create Work Order Product. 2. Close Work Order as "Closed" 3. Invoice is generated. 4. In Invoice , the Invoice Product is created as "Write-In" even though the product is published. 5. We Need product to be created as existing product. 6. In the field Select Product instead of Existing product it is always creating as Write In. Note - High priority to Microsoft customers, and make it available in next release.

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Thank you for your feedback.

We think this idea is interesting. If this idea gains more votes, we'll look more closely into what it would take to deliver this feature.

One area we'd be interested to understand in more detail is whether these customers are using an ERP system to handle their more complex invoicing requirements. If so, it would seem simpler to integrate the data from the used WO Product or WO Service into a financial system which would allow a customer to associate it with a specific Product and Unit of Measure.

As always, we really appreciate your feedback. Keep the suggestions coming.

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