There are customer business processes, where receiving more than what was shipped in a transfer order is needed.
I.e. In a feed mill scenario in which wight is being transferred from one warehouse to another. Before starting the process, the vehicle will be weighted and upon reaching the destination it will be weighted again.
In this particular situation, the weight will never be the same due to factors i.e. like the trunk scales precision, weather conditions etc., which is influencing the increase or decreases the weight.

At the present moment, the system will not allow posting a transfer order which is being over delivered.
The system should consider similar scenarios as well, as many customers would be benefiting form this easier handling process.
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This functionality will also be beneficial in our system. We are in the shipping industry and this is our scenarioVendors delivers the packages to our warehouse locationThe warehouse location does not do counting of items nor opening the boxThe warehouse location arranges the shipment to the vessel when they are in port location and combine all packages into 1 palletThe actual counting of items will only be done on-board the ship by the crew on-board. Hence the ordered quantity might differ to actual received quantity

Category: Inventory