A fixed asset can be acquired and fully depreciated to a net book value of $0.00. If the deduct cash discount parameter is active and the invoice is paid after the fixed asset is fully depreciated, a negative net book value can result.

The scenario is

1. Acquire the fixed asset

2. Fully depreciate it => net book value is $0.00

3. Pay for the fixed asset and deduct a cash discount


I would expect receiving a warning pop-up window that informs users about the fact that the fixed asset has a net book value of $0.00. Then the user should have the option to decide whether you wants to have the discount posted on the fixed asset (resulting in a negative net book value) or whether he wants to have the cash discount as an earning on the account linked to the discount code.


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Category: Fixed assets
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for the suggestion! Currently the payment with cash discount needs to be posted to a fixed asset, the system validates if the book is closed and if the NBV will be negative the payment transaction will not affect the fixed asset book.

Mohamed Aamer, Program Manager