Currently, if/when you need to migrate Agreements data (or create a sales demo that involves Agreements), there is no way to import Recurrence. Would be great to be able to be able to define and import recurrence patterns so that we don't have to set it up manually on each Booking or Invoice Setup one by one.
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Ideas Administrator

Hey Boris, 

This is technically possible, today. If you'd like for all of the recurrence dialog's fields to be on the Agreement Booking/Invoice Setup forms or if we want to store these recurrence values as a related entity that can be associated to the ABS/AIS, these are ideas that we could discuss further.

For those not aware of how this can be accomplished, today, I'll share a few things that will help, below:

- The recurrence dialog, when saved, populates a field on the ABS/AIS records.
- The field is called Recurrence Settings and, by default, it is not displayed on the form.
- If you want to import ABS/AIS records through CSV, just get a representative string from an ABS/AIS that is set up similarly to how you would like the imported records to be configured.
- With that string, you will see that there are some values driving how the record behaves that can be parsed out of that string, like start and end date, monthsevery, etc.
- Use these sample strings to populate the Agreement Booking and Invoice Setup records into a spreadsheet and use this to import fully configured records.

I hope that helps but feel free to reach out if you have additional questions.