Prerequisit: The Method of payment is set up with Period = Date or Total.

If a credit note is posted with one dimension value and an invoice is posted with another dimension value, the Invoice and credit note will be created on two different lines in the payment journal, even if they fulfill all other criterias for being included in the same payment to the vendor.

Result: When you create a payment file, you receive an error message, as credit notes are not accepted alone in the payment file, but have to be included in a total payment where the total >0.

This would work if an Invoice from the same vendor always would have the same dimension values. In real life this is not the case. And: You can have paid the original Invoice before you Discover the reason for an Invoice to be credited. You would book the credit note with the same dimension values as the initial invoice, but when the next invoice arrives, this can have different dimension values than the credit note (whether this is a PO invoice or a cost invoice - or a combination).

An Invoice or a credit note can also be split on different dimension values (department, cost center, Projects etc.) Then this will always be a problem.

So we need credit notes to be included in the total payment in the payment journal, regardless of the Dimensions used on the offset postings.

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