81331 – The incorrect Chequebook is likely to get selected for an Import form the Deposit Import Setup window if more than one import name is established The 1st chequebook in the CBDEP003 table is selected, rather than the Chequebook specified in the Deposit Import definition. This bug started in Dynamics GP 2013 R2 (12.00.1745) and still exists in GP2018. Work-arounds: I had one user report that they added a CHEQUEBOOK ID column to the import file and amended the setup to pull from the file, rather than the import window, but this did not work for me in my testing. You can test for that option if you want. Otherwise, your client may need to do option 1 if they are not able to use only one at a time. Option 1 – Add another chequebook ID to the deposit setup, whether a valid chequebook ID or a dummy chequebook ID you create for this purpose. Now on the import window, you will get a list of all the chequebook ID’s to choose from. You do need to enter batch numbers for each, but then the import works fine. However a batch is created for each, and you must then go and delete the empty batches created for the dummy chequebook ID and post the correct batch you need. But it seems to work fine if the import has more than 1 chequebook ID on it. Option 2 - As you stated, delete the other imports, and do only one deposit at a time, as it is using the chequebook ID for the first deposit import in the CBDEP003 table rather than the chequebook ID for the selected import. This is a manual process and not ideal for a multi-user situation. Option 3 - Another option is to keep the other import setups, just blank out the chequebook ID’s on them. It uses the first one it sees in the CBDEP003 table, so if they are all blank, except for the one you need, then it will pick up this one. The user will have to add back the chequebook ID when they need to use the import, and then remove it again from the setup when they are done. This requires the user to add/remove chequebook ID’s continuously as they do various imports (but at least they don’t lose the while import setup). This option is not ideal for multi-users as well.

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We will consider this functionality in a future release.

Jodi Christiansen
PM, Microsoft