Manufacturing companies always ask about a "costed BOM".
We have the cost details screen in the Cost calculation screen that has all the info of the "costed BOM", material , labor overhead. But it is user unfriendly.
It has a number of flaws that make it hard to use.
1.For setup labor cost, the rate per hour that is used in the calc. is not displayed for some strange reason. There is blank. That has to be fixed.
2.The Labor cost coming out of routing steps is not displaying below the MFG Item the routing is attached to.
The routing lines get a level number that is the MFG Part number's level + 1. So you would expect that the item on level 4, displayed above labor cost lines on level 5, would be the item that has the routing steps that you are looking at. This is not the case. You have no idea where that item on level 4 is that has these routing steps. It could be anywhere.

3.The printed version of the Cost details does not show the labor rate used at all.
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Long overdue requirement along with a costed multi level BOM

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