With Power BI report/ dashboard getting enabled as a system dashboard in model-driven apps (in 2020 wave-2 release), field service organizations can make data-driven decisions and generate trackable actions in the form of work orders. Enabling organizations to create work orders directly from Power BI dashboards will help in keeping the context, avoiding too many clicks, and form switching.

We can provide the functionality to create a work order directly from a Power BI system dashboard. Automation can be leveraged to copy certain attribute values from the Power BI report to the work order. It is particularly effective in field service implementation for production lines of manufacturing customers. Dip in the production line output can be traced to malfunctioning equipment and can be quickly addressed by creating a work order and dispatching a technician.

Currently, for one of the customers, I am enabling this functionality by embedding a canvas app within a Power BI dashboard. It would be of great value if the same can be made available out-of-the-box in model-driven apps.
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Thanks, Rakesh. I think this idea could make sense. Before we commit to doing work on this concept, we'd like to see how the community feels about this concept. Let's give it some more time to collect more votes.

Thanks, again.

Jason Cohen
PM, Dynamics 365 Field Service



Thanks Jason for responding. With the advent of custom pages in model driven apps, launching a custom (canvas) page from the Power BI dashboard (when user clicks on a certain element of the power BI chart visual) and passing parameters from Power BI to the custom page automatically will help in creating the work orders.

This was more or less similar approach we used by embedding a canvas app inside a power BI report and passing parameter values from Power BI to canvas app.

Category: Work order