When we are submitting purchase requisition with item sales tax group and sales tax group by not having common sales tax code in both, it is automatically submitting by not giving any error message.

But when we post Vendor invoice, Free Text Invoice , Sales Order/Purchase order warning message has been populated stating that there is no common sales tax code between Item sales tax group and sales tax group.

It will be better enhancement of the application it if shows the error message for Purchase requisition as well.
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Thank you for your feedback. We are considering adding it to our roadmap.


Ekaterina Podkolzina

PM, Microsoft



Yes support this proposal - should be flagged up at the raising PR stage rather than later at PO stage when it is effectively too late and have to start all over anew with the line.

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I completely support this idea. It makes sense that a warning should be triggered when selecting an invalid Item VAT group when creating a PR. Why would it appear for POs but not PRs?

Category: Tax