There's no feedback to the information on this page because the page won't allow us to leave feedback unless we start ANOTHER account!?? What's wrong with my Microsoft account!?

The page does not say where to find the lightbulb icon, so can't get started on the process.
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Thank you for your feedback! The Docs.microsoft.com site welcomes contributions, but both verbatim feedback and contributions are based on GitHub. For more information, see A New Feedback System Is Coming to docs.microsoft.com.

As for the question about how to find the Customers list, the article in question refers to the in-product search, also called Tell Me. The same method is used throughout the Dynamics 365 Business Central content on Docs.microsoft.com. For more information, see Using Tell Me to find features and information.

We hope this answers your concerns. Otherwise, please let us know.

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