"Edit in Excel" is a wonderful tool.  Unfortunately, it sometimes seems like a developer used the dart board approach when deciding which fields to make editable.

Aside from "Item no." and "Description", "Unit_Price" is probably the most crucial field to have available for update in the "Edit in Excel" capacity.  When a company increases its prices, it normally does so either universally, or for a selected group of items.  In either event, you are basically considering a mass update.  Quite often this takes the form of a "5 % update", "10 % update", etc.  This is the perfect situation to be addressed in Excel.

While I understand you would have to validate the decimal when validating during the "Publishing" process, exposing the "Unit_Price" field is probably the most useful change you could possibly make to the "Edit in Excel" function within the "Items List" screen.

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Hi David,

Thanks for the feedback. There is currently the ability from within the Excel add-in to modify the fields that display in the Excel spreadsheet. In the add-in, click the Design action. This brings up the list of data sources for the workbook. From here to can edit the data source, including adding or removing fields from the table. Unit_Price is one of the fields you are able to add for the Item_Card data source.

However, the Unit_Price property is not an editable field through the Excel add-in. It will display the value pulled from the database, but won't allow you to publish changes to the field. This is due to how the code handles calculations and relationships among the Unit Cost, Unit Price, Profit %, and Price/Profit Calculation fields.

But I'll add a feature to our backlog for us to look into handling editing for fields of this type so we can allow publishing changes for the Unit Price and similar fields.


Jared Hall