When custom form is sued for Marketing list getting below error:

The form is missing the following elements: 'query', 'membertype', 'accountsUCI', 'contactsUCI', 'leadsUCI', 'dynamic_accounts', 'dynamic_contacts', 'dynamic_leads'. Functionalities will be affected.

Adding this fields will not throw the error but this is not the right way. I don't want to add any addition sections, sub grids or fields in my custom form. Currently error is for 8 elements and this may increase when another patch gets upgraded.
When no OOB scripts are used in the custom form we should not get this error.
If any elements are referenced in the script it should check for existence of those elements before accessing it (basics of any code).
If fields are not added to the custom forms during patch upgrade then it shoudl not check for those fields and throw error on load of form.
This error has to be fixed in the global UCI scrips.