It would be great if you were able to record a product's life cycle status based on a customer-defined status list. It would be useful, if this information was also able to be used in both the release function and as part of an approval workflow. You should be able to override this status by legal entity to allow a product to be in different life cycle stages depending on market. Ideally, you should be able to associate policies with each life cycle to determine behaviour. This feature is useful across a number of industries including manufacturing, distribution and retail.

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Please review docs for the details of the feature:

Product lifecycle states and transactions - Supply Chain Management | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Docs


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This is critical functionality in any manufacturing environment that engineers their own products.  There is product behavior functionality scattered throughout the produce. 

Default order settings in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations define the site and warehouse where items will be sourced from or stored, the minimum, maximum, multiple and standard quantities that will be used for trading or inventory management, the lead times, the stop flag, and the order promising method. Default order settings are used when creating purchase orders, sales orders, transfer orders, inventory journals, and by master planning for generating planned orders. Default order settings can be item specific, site specific, product variant specific, or product dimension specific and can stop purchase, sales and inventory (transfer and production) orders.

What would it take the status and drive the product behavior settings across the Dynamics, leveraging the inventory management framework?

  • Storage dimension groups- Issues and receipts along with pricing controls

  • Default Order Settings - Used to block sales, purchase and production orders

  • Disposition codes to drive Inventory Status -  Inventory blocking

  • Batch number groups - Determine when to activate the need for batch number in the inventory transactions


UX Pattern

Use the "Batch disposition master" screen as a pattern to use for the Product Lifecycle configuration screen to set up Lifecycle Status behaviors.



Other inventory movement controls and the initiation of use-up logic could also be maintained using this UX pattern.

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I would make one further observation for consideration:

In Dynamics 365 for Operations, at the time you release a Product to Legal Entities very little product information exists. However, in many industries it is important to have the additional information you can specify against a "released product" properly completed before a product is truly released to the business for purchase and sales.

It would be good if this could be worked into everything stated by other contributors in this thread, perhaps with product status having a configurable link to the settings that stop a product being ordered or transacted - e.g. so that via its status, a product not fully approved/released could be set to be on stop, and once approved or released taken off stop.

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