Suggested Sun, 02 Apr 2017 20:00:00 GMT by Microsoft – Completed
Category: System administration

In Operations we have lost the lit-up functionality of the paperclip. This is a big loss. Users have no idea whether there are notes or documents attached to transactions. We request strongly that something is invented to bring this functionality back like we had it. A color change, or even better, an entirely new picture instead of a paperclip that really draws attention to the user.

Status Details

The indicator and a count was delivered in Platform Update 11 (it was planned for 10, but it narrowly missed).
Roadmap: https://roadmap.dynamics.com?i=d19d8b17-0189-e711-811f-3863bb2ed1f8
Doc: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/unified-operations/fin-and-ops/organization-administration/configure-document-management#accessing-document-management-attachments

Comments (14)
  • It is definitely available via Platform Update 11 (PU11) - we recently updated to this version and the attachments paperclip has a number (0 if no attachments, notes exist) in it and works as expected.

    You do need to be careful and make sure that you understand that clicking in the Header section of an SO or PO will change the attachments number based on if there is/are header level notes/attachments. Same with the line level. Took some getting use to that...

  • Not sure why it is indicating "released PU10" while it is still under review....

    Checked a PU10 environment, but no juice

  • I have a customer reporting this as an issue during UAT. Think I'll have to write a display method for the table(s) where our business process uses attachments, showing an icon or a count of attachments...

  • Bring back the 'book' icon from Axapta V3.0/V4.0.

    For those that were not around in those days this was an icon that could be displayed on any grid, using a very small amount of code.

    The book was clear if there were no documents, green if there were and yellow if there was a note.

    With a simple modification the 'Axapta CRM' document management form could be used that had a really nice drag & drop function - again you could use this anywhere.

    Colouring the paperclip is a good start, usability is horrible without at least this.

  • A number indiction would be even better then the icon being lit up; Similar to apps on your phone then you know not only if there are linked attachments, but also ho many at the same time.

  • If you can't wait a quick workaround: you can extend the form where the customer wants this functionality and add a new form field. 

  • Agreed and +1 to add the document count as well

  • I would vote for this functionality as it will be super helpful for users, however I wonder which Dynamics AX version has feature to lit-up the paper clip if there are attachments ? 

  • I've just been at a meeting with a customer who sees the depreication of this feature as a bug and points to the fact that from a usability point of view this feature is quite crucial.