When the Inventory report is configured to only show WIP, and then execute for the current date, you can see a lot of lines with zero WIP quantity and amount lines that are not relevant.

1. Go to Cost Management > Inventory accounting policies setup > Inventory value Reports
a. Create a new one called WIP. Save
b. Set WIP to Yes, Resource Id and Resource group, both fields to Yes in the 2 field groups.
c. Set Summarize physical and financial value to Yes
d. Set Include not posted in ledger to Yes
e. In Rows fasttab Set Labor to Yes.
f. Save and close.
2. Open the Inventory value report, set Id= WIP, from date = today and to date = today. Click OK to execute it.
a. Close the message that appears
b. Notice that tons of lines with zero values are shown. This makes the report difficult to use when only WIP can be verified.

Actual result:
A lot of line with zero qty and value are shown

Expected result:
Only lines with WIP qty or amount should be shown

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Per Lykke Lynnerup

PM, Microsoft